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The Herrington Group is here to help you make a change. How can we be Agents of Change for you?

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The Herrington Group is comprised of experts in their fields; a passionate group of people who truly believe in making the world a better place by educating, implementing, and communicating the need for accessibility awareness and change.

As someone living with a disability, Donna Herrington ensures the entire team understands and appreciates the realities and ‘lived experiences’ of those living with disabilities to better serve and provide resources for her clients and the community.

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We have the unique experience of being on both sides of the coin: as individuals personally affected by barriers and as an organization obligated to meet compliance expectations of the legislation. As such, we help clients to create a balanced, practical approach to compliance with understanding and the tools to be forward thinkers.
We believe people with disabilities are your clients and customers who want to work with you. With our unique focus we ask: “How can we help more people get to you and your services?”
We believe there is a world of possibility that opens to you when your attitude is focused on inclusion. At its heart all accessibility work is about a shift away from the “us vs. them” mentality. We empower our clients to not just change their attitudes, but to begin to build communities of inclusion within their companies.


Owner // Operator

Donna Herrington

Donna works to instill an understanding that respect and accessibility is essential for all people of all abilities. Her belief that she built her company on, “We do good work for good people” is evident in all she does. Her genuine hard work goes into every project, and she believes every client is trying to do good by incorporating necessary and legislated accessibility measures to serve people of all abilities.

As a person with a disability Donna knows from experience the importance of respect, inclusion, and accessibility. She has over 20 years of experience in business as senior management and consulting on accessibility issues. She has made it her life’s work to educate, consult and provide accessibility awareness and perspective to the public and private sectors. With a fresh perspective and a personal commitment to the improvement of accessibility everywhere, Donna brings passion and intuitiveness to her work.  

At The Herrington Group, our work is about more than grab bars and automatic doors; it’s about being agents of social change. All of our accessibility services are strengthened by our personal experience with disability – this is not just a business, it is our life’s experience and passion.

our team

Donna Herrington


Bernard Parsons

IT/Database Management

Brooke Llord


Thomas Christiansen

Accessibility Auditor

Gillian Mackey


Bill Hewitt

Accessibility Auditor
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