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Accessibility Services

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Improving Business

If your clients can’t access you or your services, they can’t support you.

Just like in any other business, clients, staff, and public engagement are important to keep your business afloat.  People with disabilities could want to work with you, for you, or be a supporter of you. You simply have to give them that opportunity. 

why you should have your BUSINESS Audited

We have extensive experience in planning, executing and reporting accessibility audits of a variety of facilities and spaces.

Accessibility audits of The Herrington Group reflect a “cross-disability” approach taking into account the needs of individuals with mobility, visual, hearing and cognitive disabilities. Our auditing tool is based on the most widely used and recognized accessibility design standards available.

We provide more than an audit report; we provide a retrofit planning tool. Using our own auditing database we can evaluate your facilities and determine how best to modify them in order to create universal accessibility for all users. Our database allows us to create a customized audit report which reflects excellence in the current design, areas for improvement and recommendations about how to create an accessible space.

The database reporting options can be further customized to meet specific client needs and enquiries. The database provides the following standard reporting options:

Full Accessibility Report

Can generate recommendations by facility and priority level

Costing Estimates by facility and priority level

Class D estimates that enable prioritization of projects and expenditure projections

Areas that are Compliant

Assists in future design 

Recommendations by frequency

Assists with planning and purchasing across the organization

Our Projects
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Accessibility Auditing Projects

  • Niagara Health System
  • St. Joseph’s Care Group Thunder Bay
  • Town of Grimsby
  • Town of Lincoln
  • Town of Pelham
  • Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake
  • Township of Wainfleet
  • Township of West Lincoln
  • City of St. Catharines
  • City of Thorold
  • City of Waterloo
  • Township of North Dumfries
  • Township of Wellesley
  • Township of Woolwich

“Herrington Group was able to provide an extensive report that enabled staff to prepare a project plan for management of prioritized projects. The staff was friendly, efficient and knowledgeable about AODA compliance.  Their service level exceeded our expectations.” 

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