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Providing accessibility training, audits, consulting, and strategic services. 

Our goal is to break you through the barriers of misunderstanding and disengagement.  Leading clients to comprehend the impact and effects of the AODA regulations on all persons and places. The Herrington Group specializes in accessibility training, consulting, and auditing. 

We help bring people together through understanding, strategy, and implementation of accessibility and disability awareness and Ontario regulations.

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The Herrington Group has been providing accessibility and disability consulting for over 30 years. Always referred to as the best in the business, Donna Herrington ensures each client is provided with the tools and information they need to improve the daily lives of their employees and the public and improve structures and services across all sectors. 
From communication, and physical boundaries, to training and customer service, The Herrington Group ensures your organization is informed, and demonstrates accessibility (AODA) standards are in place and understood.

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Accessibility auditing

A main service provided by The Herrington Group; managed many large and small scale projects across North America. Providing professional and informative audits with strategic and results-orientated solutions. 


Specializing in awareness and public education, The Herrington Group trains in AODA compliance and emphasizes the benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workforce. 

Consulting Services

Providing opportunities for every business to understand and comply with the AODA regulations in a timely, effective, and purposeful manner, The Herrington Group specializes in site-specific consulting for large and small businesses. Consulting on communication experiences, visual, physical, and emotional boundaries, and more.

Strategic Services

We work with your team to ensure comprehension and appreciation for the long term need of accessibility services, structures, facilities, and maintenance.

"I simply love helping people." -Donna Herrington, Owner, Operator

Donna, owner of The Herrington Group, works to ensure accessibility awareness is prevalent in every aspect of people’s lives. Her work opens pathways of new thinking; for inclusivity, diversity, accessibility, and change for the future. 

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