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With real life experience as people with disabilities, and over 30 years of work experience, The Herrington Group provides exceptional services to equip you and your team to be compliant, cognizant, and enthusiastic about the issues people with disabilities face each day.

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The Herrington Group is eager to do good work for good people – helping to advocate and educate on the importance and viability of accessibility compliance, incorporation, and opportunity for both business and personal gain. 


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Accessibility Services

The Herrington Group is best known for its accessibility auditing services, having managed many large-scale projects across the province. We have extensive experience in planning, executing, and reporting accessibility audits of a variety of facilities and spaces.

Consulting Services

We ensure that you and your organization have everything you need to be able to succeed in every way - making everlasting change to serve more people, more places.

Training Services

Our awareness training, not only includes training in required AODA compliance areas, but emphasizes the need to celebrate diversity - in all its forms - and teaches how to build truly inclusive communities for your customers and employees alike.

Strategic Services

We will work with you and your team to discover where you are going, why y ou are going there, and how you can ensure not just future survival, but real long-term growth and sustainability.

Not only do we have passion...

for helping organizations and businesses reach accessibility standards, but we love to educate, motivate, and train people in what accessibility, diversity, and inclusion really means – and how it can be achieved. 

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