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We are committed to achieving more than your mere understanding...

  • With a combined coaching and training skill set, we ensure that core values and ideas have an opportunity to really take root at your workplace.
  • The Herrington Group designs and delivers direct participant training workshops
  • Providing train-the-trainer workshops and toolkits

All disability awareness training sessions created by The Herrington Group Ltd. are “cross disability based” meaning they explore the needs and experiences of individuals with a variety of different disabilities including mobility, sensory, learning, mental health, and environmental. 

Our Workshops Include

  • Increase participant awareness of the AODA; it’s purpose, function, and main legislative areas (Standards) and other legislation affecting people with disabilities (Ontario Human Rights Act)
  • Provide participants with a clear understanding of requirements under the AODA and offences for non-compliance. 
  • Explore Specific regulatory requirements of AODA Accessibility Standars.
  • Increase participant self-awareness regarding personal assumptions and approaches when interacting with people with disabilities. 
  • Allow participants to learn a variety of, and choose the most appropriate way(s) to, interact with individuals with disabilities, thereby increasing staff’s knowledge and skill repertoire in serving people with disabilities. 
  • Explore ways to create required compliance materials, documents, and procedures through active exercises and templates. 
Regardless of our disabilities we are all capable of greatness quote with image of three people

Be part of the greatness - the greatness that is in the making of ensuring everyone has a seat at the table. No community is whole without everyone's voice.

Disability Awareness Training &
Development Projects

  • Township of West Lincoln
  • City of Port Colborne
  • Town of Lincoln
  • Town of Pelham
  • Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake
  • Township of Wainfleet

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